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J-200, J-300 & J-400 Series

Tecnologia Meccanica's J-200, J-300 & J-400 Fluid_Jet_Micronizers


Fluid jet micronizers designed for 'medium production'

Jet mill systems are the ideal choice for micronising pharmaceutical powders down to 1 micron in size.

Especially developed for pharmaceutical applications, the J-200, J-300 & J-400 fluid jet micronizers are designed for medium production.

Based on the intuitive and highly efficient jet milling technology developed by Tecnologica Meccanica (Italy), the J-200, J-300 & J-400 series of Fluid Jet Micronizers are capable of yielding extremely narrow tight particle size distribution (PSD) curves of d100<5µm (100% below 5µm) and d99<3µm (99% below 3µm) or even less depending on the nature of the product.


The J-200 fluid jet micronizer has been designed on the basis of cGMP principles to mainly work with several types of pharmaceutical and food products. The plant is not foreseen to work with flammable products or products that can generate explosive atmospheres.

The J-200 works at a constant temperature (endothermic) and independently with just a nitrogen bottle. It can be installed in ambient conditions without explosion risks (non classified zones). The unit is also built to be readily assembled/disassembled and easily cleaned with most common detergents and alcohols. Furthermore, it offers a very high degree of resistance to powder penetration.

Thanks to its modular design concept, the standard J-200 can be upgraded, on request, to the J-300 or J-400 micronizing chambers with very few extra components.

These enhanced versions have wider micronizing characteristics. With these “bigger” milling chambers it is possible to obtain narrower Particle Size Distribution (PSD), or more productivity with the same lab equipment.


•Productivity from 0.50 to 350.00 kg/hour
•One single collecting point bin, available in many different sizes
•Scalability of the process to bigger micronizers
•Very low product loss, typical yields are 99% of batch size
•Elimination of blow-back phenomenon
•Limited caking of sticky powders
•Quick and easy assembling and disassembling of the system with a limited number of clamped components
•Rapid cleaning and easy validation
•Simplicity of the whole unit
•Special internal lining, Ptfe, Pur (Vulkollan), Ceramic, Titanium nitride, etc.
•The J-200 is manufactured in AISI type 316L (EN 1.4404) stainless steel or in Hastelloy mirror polished to Ra 0.25 micron


While the J-200 is capable of micronizing powder batches up to 350.00 kg/hour, it can easily be upsized to higher capacities using the J-300 and J-400 milling chambers without affecting the Particle Size Distribution (PSD).

Simplicity of the whole unit combined with very low product loss (typical yields of 99.5%of the batch size) make this machine ideal for medium production applications in the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemicals and cosmetics industries.

The system is fully-automated by PLC/HMI and comes equipped with volumetric or gravimetric pharma feeders, various types of of cyclone filters, and a sanitary rotary valve for product collection. This jet mill conforms fully to CE and FDA norms.

Technical Specifications

Milling Chamber: J-200 
  •Process gas at 7 bar=1.70 m3/min (60.0 CFM)
  •Process gas at 12 bar=2.74 m3/min (96.8 CFM)
  •Estimated capacity=from 0.5 to 50.0 kg/hour

Milling Chamber: J-300 
  •Process gas at 7 bar=4.20 m3/min (148.3 CFM)
  •Process gas at 12 bar=6.90 m3/min (243.7 CFM)
  •Estimated capacity=from 5.0 to 200.0 kg/hour

Milling Chamber: J-400 
  •Process gas at 7 bar=7.00 m3/min (247.2 CFM)
  •Process gas at 12 bar=12.00 m3/min (423.8 CFM)
  •Estimated capacity=from 10.0 to 350.0 kg/hour


Numerous configurations are available and can be offered to tailor our micronizers to your specific application(s). Try your custom version, and our engineering team will work with you in order to develop your personal system.

The following options are already available:
•Volumetric or gravimetric pharma feeders
•Many different configurations for cyclone filter
•Sanitary rotary valve for the product collection
•In line sampling device
•Low Emission version with Hepa filter (J-200-LE)
•Balance line
J-200, J-300 & J-400 milling chambers
J-200, J-300 & J-400-LE (low emission version with Hepa filter)
•CIP and SIP systems
•Explosion proof (ATEX) version
•Sterile version
•Open version for clean room
•Totally closed, stand-alone version
•System fully automated by PLC/HMI

The Standard Pharma Version
Open manifold execution, FDA validatible
•Upper and lower plates + central nozzles ring closed by four handles, or by a single V-clamp
•Twin screw volumetric feeder
•Manifold with automatic main valve, ball process valves, two pressure gauges, and one thermometer
•Cyclone filter with polyester anti-static filter sleeves, ending with a sanitary butterfly valve for product collection
•Final filtering unit with pre-filter, semi absolute, and absolute Hepa filter (99.997% efficiency)
•Main control panel
•Simplified version based on the same Pharma concept can be customized for other applications:
-  Cosmetics
-  Fine chemicals
-  Food
-  Fillers

See it in Action!
Click to download in FLV format (3.31MB)

Find out more about Micronization Technology and its advantages to your applications below:

What is Micronization Technology?

Micronization Technology is a term that refers to the complex process of producing highly-refined powders by properly reducing the size of ordinary powder particles to dimensions below 10 micrometers.

Generally, this is a complicated and rather expensive process with wide applications in various fields, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry where the production of certain drugs, such as inhalers, requires the correct Particle Size Distribution (PSD) for inhaled APIs.

How Does Micronization Technology Work?

Process powder is fed tangentially at subsonic speeds (approximately 50 m/s) into the flat cylindrical milling chamber of the the fluid jet micronizer through a Venturi system using pressurized air or nitrogen. Once inside the milling chamber, powder particles are then accelerated to supersonic speeds (300 m/s) in a spiral movement by a series of jets around the perimeter of the micronizer.

Click to download in FLV format (565.31kB)

The micronizing effect occurs when the slower incoming powder particles and the faster particles in the spiral path collide. While centrifugal force retains the larger particles at the periphery of the milling chamber, the smaller particles exit with the exhaust gas from the center of the chamber.

Watch the micronization effect in a jet mill below:

Click to download in FLV format (1.06MB)

This process works at a constant temperature (endothermic) and independently with the lowest consumption of process gas of similarly sized units available on the market.
The Particle Size Distribution (PSD) is controlled by adjusting two main parameters:
PRESSURE: The energy used to micronize; increased pressure increases the micronization effect.
FEED RATE: The concentration of product fed into the milling chamber; the greater the feed rate, the less the micronization effect. This is due to the fact that particles must have space to achieve proper acceleration before collision occurs.

The Fluid Jet Micronizer Advantages

• Enhanced hi-tech milling chamber geometry
• Nozzles designed for laminar jet streams and available with different grinding angles
• Optimized static classifier
• Elimination of the "caking" of sticky powders
• Narrow Gauss curve (particle size distribution)
• Lowest gas consumption on the market
• Elimination of the "blowback" phenomenon
• Optimised gas-solid separation and unique collecting point with yields close to 100%
• Balance and control of pressures within the whole micronisation system
• Reduction of contact surfaces – rapid cleaning and lower product loss
• Easy cleaning and validation operations
• Sterilizing system with hydrogen peroxide solution
• Inexpensive and easy to operate
• Capable of processing products with high solvent content (around 3000 ppm)
• Capable of processing sticky powders that do not flow well

Find Your Fluid Jet Micronizer Solution

Tecnologia Meccanica has over 40 years experience with Micronization Technology. It currently manufactures 10 different sizes of Fluid Jet Micronizers, ranging from a capacity of 0.50 to 1500 kg/h, and a throughput of 300-4000 kgs/hr.

Each size caters for a different requirement, depending on your application. If you are at all unsure or require any help, please do not hesitate to contact us and a technical engineer will be able to assist you.

To browse each solution, simply select your desired model from the available Fluid Jet Mill series list below:

J-20, J-25 & J-30 Series The capacity is from 0.50 g/hour to 100.00 g/hour, suitable for lab and R&D applications. More info

J-40, J-50 & J-70 Series The capacity is from 0.05 to 7.00 kg/hour, suitable for pilot, or small production applications. More info

J-100, J-125 & J-150 Series The capacity is from 0.50 to 30.00 kg/hour, suitable for small production applications. More info

J-200, J-300 & J-400 Series The capacity is from 0.50 to 350.00 kg/hour, suitable for medium to large production applications. More info

J-500, J-600, J-750 & J-900 Series The capacity is from 0.50 to 1500.00 kg/hour, suitable for large production applications. Contact us for more information.

Download Brochure:

pdf-logoJ-200 Data Sheetpdf-logoJ-300 Data Sheetpdf-logoJ-400 Data Sheetpdf-logoJ-200, J-300 & J-400 Product Sheet
pdf-logoJ-200, J-300 & J-400 Presentationpdf-logoFluid Jet Mill Technology
pdf-logoBenefits From the High-Tech Micronization Processpdf-logoTests and Trials-Fluid Jet Micronizers
pdf-logoCheck List Sheet-Fluid Jet Micronizerspdf-logoScrew Feederspdf-logoPSD-Fluticasone Propionate

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