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Capsule Conveyors


Capsu-Jet Systems

The Capsu-Jet conveying system, originally designed and patented by Hanningfield in 1995, remains the best and most efficient solution for the conveying of hard shell capsules in industry today.

The Capsu-Jet is a proven system in the transfer of hard-shelled gelatin capsules.

Empty capsules are manually loaded into a large diameter, low-height capsule storage-hopper. The 200-litre storage-hopper has been designed to accommodate a full, standard sized box of capsules.


When in operation, a tangentially discharged airflow from a multistage fan is forced through a patented venturi.  The empty capsules in the storage hopper are gradually picked up by the suction created by the venturi and gently conveyed in a low- pressure, high-volume airflow through the conveying pipe work to the receiving hopper on the capsule-filling machine.

Designed and built to overcome the problems associated with conventional mechanical systems, the Capsu-Jet is ideal for the automatic loading of high-speed capsule filling machines.

A fully adjustable optical sensor controls the level of capsules in the receiving hopper on the capsule filling machine, by automatically starting and stopping the convey cycle.

In addition to loading empty capsule into the filling machine, it is also possible to transfer filled capsules after filling using a Filled Capsule version of the Capsu-Jet.

•Very Quiet Operation
•Maintenance Free Design
•Reduced Manpower
•No Capsule Damage
•Low Operating Costs
•Eliminates Catwalks and Steps
•100% of Capsules Transferred Every Time
•Keeps Pace With High Speed Filling Machines

Technical Specifications


C20 (Empty Capsules)

FCC (Filled Capsules)

Material of Construction 304 or 316L Stainless Steel 304 or 316L Stainless Steel
Maximum Conveying Distance Horizontal > 10m (33')
Vertical > 5m (16.5')
Horizontal > 5m (16.5')
Vertical > 2.5m (8.25')
Standard Hopper Size 200L (100,000 Size "O" Capsules) No Hopper
Dimensions 1100mm x 800mm x 1105mm 1000mm x 150mm x 316mm

Typical Applications

•Transporting Empty Capsules to a Capsule Filling Machine
•Transporting Filled Capsules from a Capsule Filling Machine


Conveying of Tablets and Capsules

Overcoming the Problems of Tablet and Capsule Transfer

It is commonly acknowledged that extreme care must be taken when attempting to transport tablets and capsules from one process to another by whatever means used. The fragile nature or these products means damage can easily occur during the transport stage thus potentially wasting valuable finished goods.


'Tablet and capsule handling systems must be carefully designed to avoid damage or breakages'

Popular methods used for the transfer of these products are vacuum, gravity, and air all of which are standard practice within the pharmaceutical and associated industries. Hanningfield can offer much experience in this area but several points must be taken into consideration to achieve efficient material handling without damage to the finished product.Design

Special attention has to be taken regarding design and construction materials to avoid damage to the finished product. Using specially developed design techniques it is possible to adapt standard Hanningfield process equipment to suit this highly specialised yet popular application.

For example, removable silicone liners can be supplied to fit inside vacuum transfer hoppers to avoid contact between the tablet and any metal surfaces. Specially designed air flow control valves can also be fitted to ensure when vacuum conveying of tablets, they can only move in one direction during vertical transfer cycles.


Vacuum Transfer is a well established process that can be adapted to efficiently convey coated and uncoated tablets very successfully. Internal surfaces must be specially designed to ensure the tablets do not come into contact with sharp edges or corners during transfer ('step-less conveying'). Other precautions are taken to ensure tablets will only move in one direction during transfer by use of a specially design uni-directional flow valve. The Hanningfield uni-vac system offers a number of enhanced capabilities that combine to provide safe effective tablet transfer without compromising the finished product.

Gravity is the simplest and most common transfer technique for the efficient transfer of tablets and capsules. This process is however limited to a vertical or near vertical flow path only, whereas vacuum and air powered systems can transport across horizontal distances as well as vertically upwards. To control tablet transfer, Hanningfield can supply a special flexible vane butterfly valve to minimise risk of damage when opening and closing the valve.

Air (positive pressure) is used by Hanningfield for the efficient transfer of both empty and filled hard shell capsules. Capsules are less likely to suffer from damage than tablets during conveying but internal conveying pipes must be smooth bore without ledges and sharp corners as with vacuum conveying. The positive pressure system provides a high flow, low pressure air cushion that gently moves the capsules through the convey pipe-work. Static is a common problem with capsule transfer so any system design for this application must provide an anti-static design.


In addition to good and efficient design, experience is also necessary to ensure all aspects of product protection are taken care of. This is where Hanningfield can provide the necessary input at the system concept stage to ensure a successful project conclusion using our highly skilled team of experienced engineers to guide the customer every step of the way.

Download Brochure:

pdf-logoCapsule Conveyors (Capsu-Jet Series)

The Hanningfield Capsu-Jet Capsule Conveying Systen


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